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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  July 4, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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lawyer about his or her testimony. your verdict should not be flounced by feelings of prejudice, bias or sympathy. your verdict must be based on the evidence and on the law contained in these instructions. deciding a verdict is exclusively your job. i cannot participate in that decision in any way. please disregard anything i may have said or done that makes you think i prefer one verdict over another. you may find the defendant guilty as charged in the indictment or guilty of such lesser included crimes as the evidence may justify or not
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guilty. if you return a verdict of guilty it should be for the highest offense which has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. if you find no offense has been proved beyond a reasonable doubt then of course your verdict must be not guilty. only one verdict may be returned as to each crime charged. this verdict must be unanimous. that is all of you must agree to the same verdict. the verdict must be in writing and for your convenience necessary forms of verdicts have been prepared for you. they are as follows, verdict as to can't one, first-degree murder. we the jury find the defendant guilty of first-degree murder as charged in the indictment.
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we the jury find the defendant guilty of the lesser included offense of second-degree murder. we the jury find the defendant guilty of the lesser included offense of manslaughter. we the jury find the defendant guilty of the lesser included offense of third-degree felony murder. we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all, dated in orlando, orange county, florida, on this blank date of july. we have arrived at a decision, your foreperson will execute the verdict form by checking the space adjacent to the statement that reflects your verdict date and sign the verdict form. verdict as to count two, aggravated child abuse. we the jury find the defendant guilty of aggravated child abuse as charged in the indictment. we the jury find the defendant
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guilty of the lesser included offense of child abuse. we the jury find the defendant not guilty so say we all dated in orlando, orange county, florida. verdict as to count three aggravated manslaughter of a child. we the jury find the defendant guilty of aggravated manslaughter of a child as charged in the indictment. we the jury find the defendant guilty of the lesser included offense of manslaughter. we the jury find the defendant not guilty. so say we all. following that there is some special findings as to count three. special finding, we the jury find that casey ma lee anthony was a care giver for caylee marie anthony at the time of the offense. we the jury find that ka see
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marie anthony was not a care giver for caylee marie anthony at the time of the offense. so say we all dated orlando, orange county, florida. special finding number two as to count three, we the jury find that caylee marie anthony was under the age of 18 years of age at the time of the offense. we the jury find that caylee marie anthony was not under 18 years of age at the time of the offense. so say we all, dated in orlando, orange county, florida. verdict as to counts four, five and six. we the jury find the defendant guilty of providing fault
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information to a law enforcement officer as charged in the indictment. we the jury find the defendant not guilty. as four, five, six and seven. a separate charge of each count in the indictment and why they have been charged together, each crime and the evidence applicable to it must be considered separately in a separate verdict return as to each. a finding of guilty or not guilty as to one crime must not affect your verdict as to the other crime charged. in just a few moments you will be taken to the jury room by the
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court deputy. the first thing you should do is elect a foreperson. the foreperson previeds over your deliberations like a chairman of a meeting. it is the foreperson's job to sign and date the verdict form when all of you have agreed on a verdict in this case. the foreperson would bring the verdict form back to the courtroom when you return. a verdict finding the defendant of guilty or not guilty must be unanimous. the verdict must be the verdict of each juror as well as the jury as a whole. in deliberations jurors must communicate about the case only with one another. and only when all jurors are present in the jury room. you are not to communicate with any person outside the jury about this case. until you have reached a verdict, you must not talk about
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this case in person or through the telephone, writing or electronic communications such as a blog, twitter, email, text message, or any other means. do not contact anyone to assist in your deliberations. these communication rules apply until i discharge you at the end of the case. if you become aware of any violation of these instructions or any other instructions i have given in this case, you must tell me by giving a note to the court deputy. in closing, let me remind you that it is important that you follow the law spelled out in these instructions in deciding your verdict. there are no other laws that
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apply to this case. even if you do not like the laws you must use them. -- correction, even if you do not like the laws that must be applied, you must use them. for two centuries, we have agreed to a constitution and to live by the law. no juror has the right to violate rules we all share. ladies and gentlemen of the jury, as you proceed to retire and begin your deliberations, five of your number will separate from you at this time.
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that will be done back in the jury room and they will be taken to a separate area where i will give them some additional instructions. members of the jury, you may retire now to begin your deliberations. >> all rise. >> judge belvin perry after more than a month of testimony telling the jurors that finally for the first time they can go back to that jury room and legally consider the question of the guilt or innocence of the woman on your screen. now 25-year-old casey anthony who was 22 years old when her daughter disappeared and for 31 days was missing. now the question is do think they is the party girl who wanted to live the life of a
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free 22-year-old so killed her daughter to be free of that responsibility, or was she the loving mother who made as her mother put it some terrible choices, but who is not responsible for the death? that in fact it was an accident that was covered up and pointed the finger at her dad, george anthony. let's listen again to belvin perry. >> none from the state, your honor. >> mr. baez, miss fry, would you like to renew all previous objections? >> yes, your honor. >> have them renewed all previous objections in large to the instructions as read, are there any additional objections to the instructions? >> no, your honor. >> okay. all right, mr. baez will be going with me. miss burk are you going or are you going to designate a member from your team to go as i give
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some instructions to the alternates? >> i'll go with you and mr. baez, your honor. >> okay. then i would suggest that you will designate someone to stand with the clerk to inspect all of the evidence that needs to go back as soon as we take care of that we will come back here and then at that time we will send the evidence back along with instructions. i'll meet you at the back of the courtroom. madam court reporter. >> there are a few things that have to happen before the jury actually gets to start talking to each other. susan fine, let's talk about what he just suggested is each side gets to check out the evidence before it goes back to the jury. >> all those exhibits that were
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entered during the courtroom trial now need to be inspected. the lawyers need to be satisfied that what's in the bag is actually what's supposed to be in the bag as marked. that every exhibit that was entered is present and accounted for in the courtroom and nothing goes back that isn't supposed to go back. everything that's supposed to indeed does go back. the judge first has to segregate the alternates from the regular members of the jury. give the alternates a special set of instructions, basically you're going to have to follow what i just told you if you're ever called in to deliberate. in the meantime, you alternates can't talk about the case amongst yourselves. they remain in sques ration. they're on hold in case something happens to one of the regular jurors. >> a juror gets sick, a family emergency, if someone has to drop out of the dlirks. >> a juror misconduct. or a juror is impeding the rest of the jury members' decision making. and they have to be expelled for some kind of unruly reason.
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>> they cannot begin deliberating until the evidence is back in the deliberation room. >> right, the bell rings once the evidence goes back and the instruction. once the instructions go back and the exhibits go back and that door shuts, they are ready to begin this case, but first they have to elect a foreperson and that foreperson will preside like a chairperson and i get you the very first thing that's done immediately is a vote to find out the lay of the land to see how long or how short this deliberation's going to go. >> let's talk about the foreperson, who again can really have i think a big influence on how long or short the deliberation is. see how organized they are in their deliberation. how many votes they get to take. how important is that in your view? >> it's essential. i mean the foreperson is the leader of this jury. they have the power to keep the jury on track, make sure that people are focussing on what they need to focus on. but at the same time they have the power, a very strong power to influence the jury.
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that is a power that can be used in a positive way or in a negative way. we really have to see what happens here as we know in the o.j. simpson trial juries act in unpredictable ways. ways that we couldn't expect. i think the foreperson has a very, very important role here. >> do you think they will take a vote right away, if so, how many of those jurors do you think the core 12 are going back with their minds pretty much made up? >> hopefully none of them are going back with their minds made up yet. they will take a vote as to the top charge. given this vast menu of possibilities for these jurors, they're going to have to go through each and every count to determine where they are finally going to land for lack of a better word. i think initially they want to start with first-degree murder, because obviously that's the biggie. >> do they usually lean one or or another as they go? >> they do. i think it's like sitting in a restaurant. as you hear the specials you know pretty much what you're going to have. those facts as the jurors heard
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them were getting applied to what the judge was saying as to the description of each count. somebody may have a small question about one versus the other. i think after this very, very lengthy trial and a very thorough area of the issues, and the verdict focussing in oat the time, the trial is a search for the truth. what did you hear from the defense? nothing but lies including their theory of the case. i think that squarely puts facts back on the side of prosecution and the jury has to sort through what they think. >> kerry sanders who has been carrying this how anxious these jurors must be to finally have the opportunity, the legal opportunity to talk about this case. >> reporter: absolutely. really think about how long they have been together. they've been in the courtroom 34 days together. they've been trace ed in and out. they've been probably talked about everything they can talk about. what they like to eat and not
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eat. and they talked about movies that they were willing to watch. they haven't been able to do because of the law discuss anything associated with the case. that means not only the facts that they heard in day in and day out. that little things. could ewe see the tie he was wearing today. it was an ugly tie or boy, that was kind of rude or i think that guy's kind of funny. they didn't have an opportunity to do any sort of that. their only real interaction in the courtroom has been with the judge when the judge would welcome them in and ask them if they had followed his orders about not discussing the case. so right now they are finally getting a chance to do what they were really selected to do. and that to is to go -- >> i'm curious inside that courtroom how much are they watching the reaction of casey anthony particularly as these closing arguments are going on? >> one very good moment when the attorney was doing her closing today she walked away from the
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podium, meaning that she was between the jurors and casey and she played that phone call and when she walked away and that phone call played, the jurors had nowhere to look but directly across the courtroom right at casey. i looked at the jurors and many indeed were look right at her. >> kerry sanders incredible reporting. we will continue to follow the deliberations. i'm going to go through very, very quickly. we have a few seconds. how long will this deliberation go? >> wednesday or thursday. >> i think it's quicker than that and it's a comp pliezed verdict of aggravated manslaughter. >> matt? >> i have to agree with susan. i think the evidence that the prosecution puts on shows that she was convicted -- can be convicted of first-degree murder. >> we shall see. again, juries have a tendency to surprise. they also in my experience take this very, very seriously. imagine put yourself in their shoes that they have to consider
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devon's expression of individuality has started a trend among the level two inmates, but has also raised concern with the staff. >> i did his hair a couple days ago. the captain told him this morning if he doesn't take it off, he's going to the hole. and i'm not allowed to do it no more to my hair. >> okay. >> are you guys wait here for a minute. i have a question. >> sure. >> i'm the barber. on the haircuts. >> right. >> are we -- they're standing at my door saying that we're going to lock the guy up if he doesn't -- >> actually what happened with this inmate, he's got an attitude is what he did. what i did is i started challenging him concerning his
12:22 pm
customized haircut. i said if he start allowing that what's going to happen is all the other inmates are going to be expecting that. >> right. >> it's going to create problems. >> i figured that's what your concern was. we need to establish what we're noing go allow and not. if we're going to allow basic hair cuts, fades -- >> i think that's what we need to stick to. is the basic haircut. >> all right. thank you. the most important thing to keep problems from happening in prison or business is you're consistent. if you allow one person to do it and you target somebody else, then with then we run into situations like this. all right. this is the deal. talked to the chief of security and him and i decided together that we're not going to allow the tailored hair cuts.
12:23 pm
would you turn around and let me see your haircut. it can be interpreted in several different ways. it can be interpreted as a tribal sign. it can be interpreted as a gang sign. you i believe questioned the captain when he started talking to you about your haircut. now that's not your place as a level two inmate. you guys initially approach me you're going to get locked up to you don't change your haircut. my understanding was it was the way that you spoke to the captain that almost got you locked up. oom. so we have the haircut thing solved. all the inmates are going to be advised. but you need to be careful on how you address the staff here. okay. >> do we just let them grow out then? >> let them grow out. that needs to be fixed. because that was the director's note. >> all right. >> all right. thank you very much.
12:24 pm
>> oh, man, i don't want to go bald. >> don't even touch that part. >> i'm not going. >> all right. turn it around. let me see. i don't see any difference. it's my biggest life and death decision together whether to let you have your hair that way. all right. let it stay. just don't do it again. and you, too.
12:25 pm
all right. >> back in level six, we caught up with kevin blanco who seemed in much better spirits than we last saw him. >> you want to stand here and threaten to keep playing games? >> you're right. >> do you think that you can talk to me is it an anger problem, what is the situation with you? i don't know if i have an anger problem. i just don't like to be lied to. if we're individuals going to push my buttons, instead of leaving me alone and letting me do my time letting them know to leave me alone and let me do my time. >> talk to me about what you've done? how you acted out?
12:26 pm
>> by -- >> what's that? >> what is throwing urine on them. just your way of letting them know to leave you alone. i mean we're behind a door 24/7. you got officers that go around antagonizing. so we're only limited to certain thing we can do. is it something i'm proud of? no. is it something i'm ashamed of? yes. i always lived a negative lifestyle. i always wanted things fast. which was ultimately selling drugs and robbing and things like that. but as i got older i started realizing a lot of different things. endured a lot of losses. which was my son. >> who has your son? >> some people in colorado. >> he's alive? >> yeah. >> got me in prison.
12:27 pm
and losing him made me sit down and reflect on a lot of things in life. i still get angry sometimes. and want to resort to violence. but at the same time i got to hold myself back because i know that's not the right thing to do. but i guess i'm in a struggle within myself. so until i reach that stage do they have reason to be cautious? >> yeah, they do. >> after our interview, we followed blanco to the yard where he took the opportunity to disrupt prison fupgss yet again. >> i understand what you're saying, but -- just say what you going to say. i know that's not the way it go. i'm on long-term discipline. if i pick a report it goes back to the same thing. i already gave you guys 18 days
12:28 pm
from the report. my 20 days are up. >> you've got another report. >> you got another report. >> before the 60 days were up. did you not? >> yeah. >> so you didn't have 60 days clear. you got another report within that 60-day time frame. so are we going to have any issues until this -- >> whatever y'all say. y'all have it y'all's way. i'll talk to you later. thank you. coming up, the situation between sert and blanco escalates about ten feet. plus, devon's in trouble again. >> just seems we've got a bunch of snitches. we ain't got to be doing we ain't got to be doing nothing, they still going to ♪ my only sunshine you. ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear
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i'm. i'm chris janging here's what's happening. the jury in the casey anthony murder trial now deliberating if
12:32 pm
she killed her 2-year-old daughter. the judge gave his instructions a short time ago. on this fourth of july general david petraeus spending the day with troops in afghanistan. he speak at a re-enlistment ceremony in kandahar. he has just been confirmed as the next head of the cia. we'll j another update in one hour. now back to "lockup." another u hour. now back to "lockuph another up hour. now back to "lockup."a another hour. now back to "lockupv another up hour. now back to "lockupe another upe hour. now back to "lockup." so this is my crib. 414. got a big 13 inch tv. get a pan of that. this is my living room slash bedroom, slash tud joe. we've got the tunes. that's not eight track, but cassette tape. might as well be.
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we don't got refrigerators in here. we do got foot lockers, for soup, sodas, beans. kool-aid. that's about it. >> we have inmate kevin blanco who's a little upset. he was issued three disciplinary reports. he has his own way of thinking. he portrays his own outcome before it's actually there. he implies whatever he feels is appropriate. so it's one of those things that kevin blanco wants this and he wants it now. he's not going to get it now. the officers are concerned that we may have to extract him from this rather large rec pen if he chooses to go that roougt route, that's what we'll do. kevin blanco i need you.
12:34 pm
blanco. he's ignoring the issue. >> they want to see they're playing their little damn game to keep me in the damn cell. i'll give them a reason to keep me up in there if that's what they want to do. y'all thought i was playing when i told you that you wanted a reason to keep me in the cell, here's your reason. >> you're refusing to come out? >> i'm refusing to come out. >> kevin blanco i'm giving you directions to come out. >> i'm refusing. >> any time inmates refuse to pea peacefully come out of their cells, officers come out with protocol. >> you've got a reason right now. >> kevin blanco's refusing to come out. >> time now the 4:50.
12:35 pm
>> blanco is taking basically his rec pen hostage. he's refusing to come out. that'll take a shower hostage. if it will get them the attention they want, they'll take it hostage. we should be finished getting the rest of the inmates out of the yard. >> that's it. >> once we got them out of the yard, we're going to come back in. i'll bring my team in. i'll give him the third and final directive. if he refuses to come out, we'll extract him using whatever force is necessary. >> this is gerald, we're going to have to do an extraction in the big yard. >> as sert is told to get ready for a possible extraction, blanco is given his last chance to peacefully leave the recreation pen. >> kevin, it is 5:17. i'm giving you your third directive come out and be
12:36 pm
cuffed. be advised i just gave inmate plan coe his third directive to be restrain. he refused. now we're going to do whatever we need to do to get him out of there safely for everyone. him included. here's what's going to happen, we're going to go in. give him some directives and bring the k-9 down. the directives don't work, we're going to deploy with o.c. if that doesn't work from the corner you're at, we need to get back in the stack. okay? you're going to go to one corner and i'll be at the door and we'll try crisscross. if the wind's too bad, we'll drop a sc grenade. if that doesn't work, we'll elevate to the shotgun. i don't want the shotgun entering, gerald you're going to take the shot. okay. the shotgun doesn't go in. once you take your shots, you back out. my name is sergeant bobby va
12:37 pm
dvela. the time is approximately 7:08 p.m. tin mate we're extracting is kevin blanco. he's refusing to come out of the recreation pen. this time we're going to proceed. coming out, blanco. this is your last directive to come out. deploy. >> it's not working. it's too far. >> are you coming out?
12:38 pm
we're going to drop oc in the cage. >> you guys done yet? >> come on out, blanco snchl you guys done? >> blanco still refuses to come ply. they escalate to nonlethal shotgun rounds. >> come on down, blanco. do another one. come on out, blanco.
12:39 pm
? i'm come down you shoot me one more time. all right. >> hold up. >> i refuse. i'm all right. i'm 100% all right. hold on, blanco. check this out. we're going to take our photographs. after that if you want to refuse medical, we'll give you your clothes back and we'll take you back. >> i'm fine. >> we'll get your pictures and you sign the medical refusal and you're on your way back home. >> who's got the camera?
12:40 pm
>> with the extraction a success, deputy warden briefs with his teams. >> you need to document it very clearly about the limited time frame between taking it from one extreme to the next. >> once the team was put together and we entered the rec pens we approached the rec pen he was in. i gave him some verbal directives to come out. he refused my directives. i advised him that we're going to introduce oc. we attempted to hit him with the oc. it didn't reach him. after that we elevated to sc. it didn't have any effect. we then elevated with the shotgun. after the sixth round he complied and came to the cuffing warden. he was restrained and removed from the area. >> what was his persona at the
12:41 pm
time? could he visibly tell that he was being hit? was he immediately responding to it? >> he didn't seem like he had any immediate effects at all from any of the rounds. >> he just climbed down off the basketball goal and surrendered. >> walked to the gate. >> next, staff may have won the battle, but to blanco this means war. >> he was being disruptive in his cell. so we got him over here to medical in the crisis cell. >> stay right there. every day you live with the pain of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis could be another day you're living with joint damage.
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searches are routinely
12:45 pm
conducted. based on information from level two informants, officers find two homemade syringes in the dorm. >> captain. >> whenever we find something to extend there's got to be -- there's got to be some type of narcotics around. >> right. >> i do have a list of inmates that are notorious for involving themselves in illegal drug activity over here. so maybe. >> that's a good place to start. >> good job. >> i'm sure there's some inmates that are going to be hurting tonight. >> if we have inmates that have priors, we'll go and select them randomly to where they don't have any time to clean themselves up. >> i'm going to need 106 penna. >> bring them to the gym. we'll centralize them here. we'll give them the one hour as per policy that is required of them. >> you have one hour to submit a urine.
12:46 pm
you're 310. >> yes, sir. >> this way. >> all right. >> watching grown men pee in a cup isn't a fun job. it could take up to five minutes before the test proves positive or negative. you can see the other one's really, really dark. the thc is pretty light. that went on the meth. >> did it wait the full five minutes? >> it's been a good five. >> good. just let him go. >> you're good to go. >> this inmate's test came up clean. but unfortunately for devon lyman, his came up dirty. >> seems we've got a bunch of snitches. they get in trouble and they instead of taking the consequences like they should, they start trying to get everybody else in trouble. writing little notes saying you're doing this or that.
12:47 pm
they're still going to get you. i've got a dirty way. i've been trying to fight it. >> what does that mean? >> they messed up on it. i'm going to see if they follow their policy and get rid of it. >> that means he's a dope fiend. >> devob may be laughing now, but if found guilty, he could lose his family visit. stst been less than one month since kevin blanco was extracted from his cell. >> chemical agents are about to be deployed into your cell. >> and only two days since the incident in the rec yard. >> you guys done yet? >> get another one.
12:48 pm
today he's acting out yet again. leaving prison staff no choice but to keep him in a 72-hour medical observation cell. >> he's holding his -- hostage. we have to take him out of his cell. go ahead and strip down. >> this morning when we approached his cell we were going to take inmate kevin blanco to the shower. we opened the food port. he stuck his arm outside the food port and held it hostage he said ortiz go get your gloom squad. he's trying to break the system and switch it back on us. >> strip down. >> i'm not going to go through this again. i marked it down to you. >> i would have stayed in there if i would have known i was coming up in here. >> you've done it before. i need you to strip.
12:49 pm
i'm ready whenever y'all ready. not to strip down but the gas. >> i'm not going to gas you. you're already in there. he's not going anywhere. until you just strip down and stay right there. not doing anything different than we've done before. come out the cell, do strip search. that's policy. just do your strip search and it's over and done with. are you going to strip or not? >> after a 20-minute standoff, blanco finally come plies with
12:50 pm
the strip search, but not without expressing his displeasure with the procedure. >> i already did what you guys want to do, if you want to do this, let's do it, then. let's get this over with. let's do it. i just got done complying with you guys. >> got a little hurt there with his hand throwing the tantrum hitting the strip cage. he'll be all right. next, blanco gets out of medical only to hold his cell hostage again. >> we're down to 14 now. >> and devon gets the verdict on his dirty drug test. >> base case scenario would be they drop it. the worst case scenario is they
12:51 pm
find me guilty and send me to the hole.
12:52 pm
is [ grunts ]
12:53 pm
[ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tiguan. [ grunts ]
12:54 pm
inmate devon lyman anxiously waits to see if his dirty ua will be dismissed or not. a decision that will affect his family visit. >> i feel like i'm in trouble with the principal. i have no idea what's going on. a billion and one things. i'm in trouble. i'm not in trouble. when i went to do the ua it got positive for thc. i got upset and they took me to the cage and i've been waiting for the report for almost a month. the best case scenario is they drop it. the worst case scenario is they
12:55 pm
find me guilty and send me to the hole. >> you're waiting to see me? >> yes, ma'am. i had something to tell you. you need to go pack your stuff. you were found guilty of that report. i have a bed for you. >> all right. >> not really. >> no. they dismissed the report. i don't want to hear your name. i don't want to see your name on a piece of paper coming across my desk. i don't want to see you on a dirty ua. you understand me? >> all right. >> yes, ma'am. >> that wasn't funny, though. i really thought i was going to the hole. i'm telling you i started sweating when she said i'm going to the hole. i'm going to sleep. i'm going to hide under my bunk for the rest of my time. they don't have to worry about me. >> this is his one and only chance to straighten up or he needs to move. >> clear of the the dirty ua
12:56 pm
charge, devon is granted his family visit. >> i've got a little present for him for fathers of readers with td, a book and a picture. i read a story to him on td to give him something to listen to and something to have fun with. i see my kids usually once every other week. we'll just play, color, and just come and see me. >> hi, daddy. >> what y'all doing? >> we're just coloring. >> can i have a hug? >> that's their little present they've got to look at. >> can i open it? >> yeah. it's already open. >> books? >> books. >> you already gave us books? >> you get another one. >> i'm supposed to get out hopefully around september of next year. i'll be ready to hit 29, 30 years old when i get out the penitentiary. >> how come you don't smile in the picture. >> you told me not to. >> i said smile, but don't smile
12:57 pm
like you were. >> i got two kids i got to raise. i've got to make sure they don't go through some of the stuff i went through. >> after blanco's successfully completes 72 hours in medical, deputy warden must decide whether he will be returned to his cell. >> inmate blanco is still in medical. we're going to move him now to a different pod. i taked to him yesterday. he said he's going to conduct himself in a more appropriate level of behavior. so we're going to move him to a different cell. i think he's done with his disruptive behavior. at least for the meantime. he's kevin blanco, next week can be a different story. for this week i believe he's done. >> your transporting me back to my cell. ain't no difference, a cell is a cell. still going to be a box.
12:58 pm
there's really no difference. >> how's it going today, kevin? >> going all right. >> you know what's going to happen today? >> not necessarily, no. >> we're going to put you back in the cell. in 60 days we're going to start towards your discipline. you understand that is this. >> yeah. >> based on our conversation yesterday should we expect any further problems from you? probably not. >> come on. give me a little bit more than that. >> i don't know. >> you don't know. do you have any questions about where you're going to be placed at? >> no. >> any concerns with it? >> no. >> just so you're clear your time starts today. >> all right. >> all right. that's it.
12:59 pm
>> we're down to 14 now. >> i'm giving a direct order to pull your hand out of the food port. be back in a few minutes. i'm going to let you think about it. hope you decide to pull your hand back in. >> i knew you was right there. don't think you was slick.
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